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A Dentist You Can Trust

Our Principal Dentist, Kathy is one of the most highly qualified dentists in the country. Under 2% of dentists in the UK hold the prestigious MGDS qualification. She has over 20 years’ experience in providing tender, loving care and specializes in managing dental anxiety. Affectionate, compassionate, happy and humourous, Kathy delights in transforming people’s smiles and lives. You might like to 'follow' her blog.

Peaceful Practice

We want you to feel at home. Our colours are as fresh as our welcome is warm. Talking of temperatures, air conditioning is available for your comfort. Our furnishings are soft and our music is soothing. Our colour ways are green and serene. We hope you’ll feel at ease in our peaceful practice. You will often have the place pretty much to yourself. You can even bring friends or family if this is helpful. Be our guest.

Certificates Kathy Nathan

Safe Location

Gentle Dental is proud to be located in Stanmore in Harrow, officially one of the safest boroughs in London. A suburb to the North West of the capital, Harrow is convenient for clients living or working in North London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire.
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Effective Anaesthetic

The purpose of local anaesthetic is of course, to ensure your comfort. At Gentle Dental, we go the extra mile or three. First, we apply a gentle but effective numbing spray or gel to the skin. Next, we deliver the sleepy juice carefully and comfortably to the precise area. We always give as much as needed and listen to your feedback regarding the numbness that you experience. We want to be certain of your complete comfort. You are in the driving seat.
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Relaxation and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is proving to be highly effective with clients experiencing dental anxiety. Softly, softly, sleepiness soothes. Gentle Dental hypnotherapy creates a trance-like state, aiding positive thoughts and feelings of wellbeing. Your dental care proceeds calmly and comfortably. You will feel loved and peaceful in Kathy’s care. Some of our clients become so relaxed that they drift off dreamily before gently waking when the treatment is complete. Rest assured that you will feel refreshed.
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Lounge Reception

Person-Centred Counselling

Gentle Dental consultations offer an opportunity to share your concerns. We pride ourselves on unhurried, active listening, essential to acknowledge and affirm your personal experiences and feelings. We are genuinely caring people. We understand that you may feel vulnerable or anxious. We offer non-judgmental warmth and acceptance – unconditional positive regard. You will receive empathy, so much more than superficial sympathy. We respect your instincts for self-care and progress towards your full potential. Our counselling approach is person-centred. Similarly, our dentistry is client-centred.
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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Some of our assumptions, beliefs and responses are inaccurate or simply unhelpful. Having identified the anxiety provoking thoughts, we can help replace them with more realistic and useful ones. At Gentle Dental, negative and destructive thoughts connected to visiting the dentist may be sensitively challenged. For example, you might have a belief that visiting the dentist will lead to discomfort. This can be replaced with the more accurate and helpful understanding that avoiding the dentist will lead to discomfort.
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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

At Gentle Dental, we are genuinely concerned for your dental wellbeing and your peace of mind. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the ways that we achieve this together. We establish a real rapport to help you relax. We focus on the solution, rather than the problem. We reassure you that dental anxiety is normal and commonplace to us. You are very special but you are not unusual. Most of our clients were nervous when they first called on us. Now dental appointments are more like visits to a friend of the family.
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Tender, Loving Care

Kathy is one of the best qualified dentists in the country but there are some things that can’t be learned. A little bit of love goes a long way in helping to create the smile of your dreams with ease and comfort. Kathy’s chair-side manner is kind and compassionate, feminine and nurturing. Gentle Dental by name, gentle dental by nature.
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Lounge Lounge

Informative and Entertaining Education

Knowledge is power, and even more so at Gentle Dental. From the moment we hand you the mirror, we share what we see and learn about your beautiful smile with you, its wonderful owner. From flossing to fillings, whenever and wherever you choose, we happily reveal the miracles of modern dentistry. Examine your X ray. Marvel at our techniques. Delight in our tools. You can even do a little supervised Do It Yourself. There is no better way to value your smile care and feel at ease than knowing what is happening and how it works. All our treatments are based on best practice and scientific evidence that we share with pride. Your visit may feel like a trip to the classroom and the playground combined. We aim to make your visits here some of the happiest days of your life.
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You’ll never walk alone at Gentle Dental. We may call you or ask you to call us after your visit. This is to follow your progress, answer any questions and offer extra support whenever needed. You might want to consult us between smile care visits to share a particular concern. If no actual treatment takes place, these consultations offer peace of mind free of charge. We take pride in our work. Our excellent treatments are covered for normal use by a one-year warranty, provided that our advice and written instructions have been followed.

At no extra charge, we manage referrals to specialist providers. We can contact your loved ones to share good news of your wellbeing. If required, we can write to employers or schools and complete any insurance forms. Each of these is part of the service we provide to treasured customers. We can even keep in touch on Facebook.
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Chaperone Service

Kathy is available as chaperone when your dental care plan incorporates a referral to a specialist. If you need implants or oral surgery, an endodontist, orthodontist or periodontist, you may feel reassured by a guide at your side. Tried and trusted by our clients, Kathy offers empathy and expertise in a new environment for you.
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