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“Gentle Dental is a modern, preventive family practice which is highly comfortable, beautiful, very well equipped, efficient and professional. The friendly reception area is bright, spacious, tasteful and relaxing. The clinical areas were very clean and tidy. The Officer was particularly impressed with the application of the practice infection control policy…each patient has their own burs and work is universally well planned. The atmosphere is happy, helpful and very caring with everyone taking pride in providing the best of care to patients.”
Dental Officer Report

“Very friendly staff. Welcoming atmosphere which puts you at ease straight away. Provides excellent patient care. Very good preventative advice given. I was finally shown how to floss effectively!”
Dr Deepal Dhulashia BDS (Manc)

“I always hated visits to the dentist but I feel safer with Kathy than anyone else.”
Dr Jane Wilson PhD

“Kathy and Stuart have restored my faith in dentistry. They are both welcoming and caring. I would recommend Gentle Dental to everyone.”
Geraldine Soertz

“It was lovely to meet Kathy. I felt at ease even before my visit just talking to her on the telephone. Throughout my appointment, I felt relaxed and left feeling 'what a nice time' I had had at the dentist. I can say I have never left the dentist with that feeling."

Louise O' Shea

“Their aim is to take the best possible care of you, in an atmosphere far removed from usual dental clinics. Kathy flossed every tooth as I watched in my hand mirror, then watched as I did it, and I feel I will be letting her down if I don't keep it up. It's refreshing to be made to feel so special and be treated with such respect. I will never go anywhere else again."

Mair Jones

“Just wanted to thank you for a stress free, relaxing visit today for my son...and me!"

Bari Watts

“I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for the way you dealt with not only my tooth problem but also my complete phobia about going to the dentist. I only wish I'd met you years ago!!"

Heather Ellis

“Thank you for saving my life with my new crown. You were an absolute star."

Anne Marie Luscombe

“Many thanks for your kind and gentle manner. Looking forward to seeing you again."

Maureen V.

“Thank you so much regarding my recent visit. You were wonderful and kept me calm."


“Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much for everything you have done for me on these two visits. I appreciate everything."


“I would like to thank you again for your kindness."

Margaret S.

“Kathy Nathan from Gentle Dental is the 'Nigella Lawson' of the Dental Industry."
The Institute of Hypnotherapy For Medical & Dental Practice

“I was in school with Kathy and we were great, great mates over many years."
Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia

“I just wanted to send you a big *thank you* for your loving care & attention over the past few days, it has been just wonderful. You were totally amazing on Monday, so professional & you put me at ease right from the start with your care & love. You are such a natural at your job & you made it so easy for me, and believe me it really was my biggest fear. WOW! I cannot thank you enough."

Tracy Banks

“‎I have not been to the dentist in a while but this visit was forced upon me due to cracking my tooth on a baguette, of all things! Kathy is extremely personable which made my visit to the dentist pain free. I'm also very impressed with the quality of her work and little tips she gave me. I will be recommending her to everyone I know!"

Hamil Mason

“‎Just to let you know that I am fit and well after the procedure yesterday. It is good to know that at long last I have finally found a dentist that can deal with my allergies and sensitivities. These issues have resulted in my becoming almost phobic with regard to dentists. Most dentists do not take the time and trouble to investigate why their patients have become shy of a dentist's chair in the first instance. I shall see you without breaking into a cold sweat. It will now become part of my routine rather than something to be avoided at all costs."


"Kathy doesn't just care about your teeth: she cares about you too.....thank you for helping me get over my and Ada are amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Maria Kosak

"Took my client to Gentle Dental Harrow with Dr Kathy Nathan and her gorgeous nurse Ada. What a lovely experience! My client can't wait to go back and the treatment was so calm and relaxed using hypnosis. Both Kathy and Ada are trained with The IHMDP in Hypnosis for Dentistry... made my job easy! Thank you to both of them."
Sharon Waxkirsh

"Amazing place to be. They are the best people. Kathy is a beautiful and calm dentist with lots of patience. My brother is a dentist. I have seen his work and Kathy's work and I recommend Kathy over my family anytime!! I had a huge phobia of removing my wisdom tooth which I was dreading for quite a long time. It grew and impacted my jaw so it was extremely necessary to remove it! Kathy removed it without breaking a sweat. I don't know how I can thank Kathy. I was so upset and tense but Kathy really eased me out. After the procedure was complete, I was like 'Are you sure you removed my tooth?' And she was like 'Yes I did!' I didn't even know and I was not sedated. But even in all my vulnerability, Kathy was amazing and Ada is highly efficient. I am looking forward for my next appointment. I recommend Gentle Dental to anyone who dreads teeth issues."

Pradz Prakash

"Can't thank you enough for everything - not least your Jedi Mind Melt - or whatever you did that convinced me to quit smoking after 40 years! You are as kind as you are beautiful and my teeth literally could not be in better condition than they are after your treatment. Look forward to seeing you in June! Who ever says that to their dentist? You are a special person."


"Thank you for your kindness. I had no physical ill back at work and all good again today. Thanks again."

Kerry Sternstein

"Thank you so much for your wisdom and help yesterday. You lifted an immense burden. It has made all the difference. I can now face life and the day with pleasure and lightness of spirit. Thank you for looking after my teeth!"

Rosalie Jorda

"I just wanted to say thank you for making my mouth healthy again after avoiding the dentist for 24 years! And a HUGE thank you for all your patience and for giving me the confidence to start going to the dentist again - I wish I found you years ago! See you in 3 months!"

Louise Smith

"Of course you can use the words on your website/marketing. I really do appreciate everything and wanted to let you know. I was so scared of the dentist and I would love to get all the other people that are scared of the dentist in one place and tell them about Gentle Dental!!!"

Louise Smith

"I thought I would let you know how good I am feeling after the extraction yesterday. No pain or discomfort yesterday evening or today. You did a great job - sorry I was such a big girl!!!"


"Thank you Kathy for being so lovely with my treatment. You are so compassionate and can really see where people are; hopefully more dentists will remember...for now you are a rare gem and I so appreciate it!"

Nora Zimerman

"Thank you for all you have done for my teeth and me!! God bless!! See you in April for another gentle clean!"

Rafia Rubin Rauf

"Many thanks for your patience and excellent care yesterday during my treatment."

Becky Houlden

"Thanks again for the treatment so far. It's taken me a long time to get to this stage so I am feeling very proud and very relieved I'm now taking positive actions to improve my teeth and general oral health."

Phil Meikle

"Where have you been all my life :) Dear Kathy, I just wanted to thank you so very much for making me feel so calm and relaxed during my first appointment. I have never experienced a visit to the dentist quite like it. You were so welcoming and friendly, my nerves just seemed to fade away. You cannot imagine how relieved I am to have finally found you. I would recommend anyone with fear of dentists to come and see you and I am sure they too will wish they had found you years ago! Please also thank Tamara for me, you both worked so hard and I really do appreciate it."

Angela Cassiano

"I did some work experience at your dental practice when I was at college. You were brilliant at communicating with your patients and putting them at ease. I'm now in my fifth year of dental school."

Insiyah An

"I just wanted to let you know that my tooth is now OK and that it does not hurt anymore. Even the plane journey to Sardinia went well and I did not feel any pain, all thanks to your good hands!! Thank you very much for your patience and very kind help."

Mari Ladu

"Thanks for being so fabulous and looking after me so well!!"

Jayne Q

"Dear Kathy, I want to thank you not only for your skill and expertise but also for your kindness and understanding. You're not only a superb dentist but also a very special person."

Paula Resnik

"It is so refreshing to see a dentist still so passionate about what they do and so creative in their approach to treating patients."

Nehal Doshi

"I just wanted to write a note of thanks for your kind words and encouragement during my recent visits. My faith in dentists has been restored and I no longer view visiting the dentist as an event to fear. I look forward to seeing you in April for my regular appointment."

Sean O'Grady

"Absolutely fantastic place. I am always greeted with a smile and caring service. Thank you Kathy!"

Caidian Johnson

just wanted to let you know that my tooth is now OK and that it does not hurt anymore. Even