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Smile Care Visits

More than just a ‘get to know you’ visit, we offer an expert consultation. You could be interested in a dental makeover. You may need to relieve jaw discomfort or anxiety about your oral health. You might want gentle encouragement towards a healthier lifestyle. You could be concerned about snoring. Perhaps you would like advice about cleaning your tongue or flossing your gums. We discuss your needs and aspirations and agree on a care plan for your gorgeous mouth.

At Gentle Dental, we take pride in our transformative hygiene care. With kindness and attention to detail, our dentists personally cherish every tooth in your wonderful smile. Your teeth will be gently but thoroughly cleaned, flossed, polished and fluoride treated to shining, healthy perfection. With fresh breath and a gleaming smile, you will feel more confident professionally and socially.

Most of our clients become shiny, happy people after just one visit. To maintain dental fitness, our customers return for further Smile Care Visits every 3, 6 or 12 months, according to professional advice and personal preference.

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Junior Smile Care Visits

At Gentle Dental, we simply adore children. Please bring pictures of your little ones when you visit us. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adult clients. Sadly, many people are anxious about visiting the dentist because of difficult childhood experiences. We provide a preventive antidote for this all too common occurrence.

With the support of Teddy, our Junior Smile Care Visits are filled with fun and laughter. We aim to have our children reach adulthood with beautiful smiles - an achievable goal at Gentle Dental. We advise on tooth care and cleaning, manage orthodontic referrals and discuss the ideal diet for developing strong, healthy teeth. As parents ourselves (and children once, too), we understand the importance of impartial, positive health messages. All children receive a reward for completing their visits and look forward to seeing us again. We feel the same way and delight in hearing news of their rites of passage to adulthood.

White Fillings

Using only the finest techniques and materials, white fillings are used to quickly and comfortably restore teeth to their beautiful best. Gentle Dental white fillings turn back the hands of time to restore your teeth using the closest techniques to 'invisible mending' there are available. With our tender, loving care, you can feel proud of your teeth and enjoy eating, speaking, smiling and kissing once more.

Smile Whitening

We like to think of whitening as the finishing touch on a masterpiece – your beautiful smile. You will quite simply look younger, healthier and even more attractive with teeth that twinkle.

At Gentle Dental, we place dental care before commercial gain. Take smile whitening for example. You can find over-the-counter trays where one size supposedly fits all. Gels, strips, gum and toothpastes – supermarkets pile them high and sell them cheap. Some of these products cause pain and mess. We find hydrogen peroxide harsh and ineffective. Acidic and abrasive substances only remove surface staining or worse still, permanently damage tooth enamel.

Our smile whitening sets include trays that are custom made for your precious teeth (as recommended by the British Dental Association). We provide 10% carbamide peroxide gel (the only method approved by the American Dental Association). Easy to follow instructions, tray storage cases and sensitive care toothpaste complete our sets. We offer certain results and safe methods, all with the convenience and privacy of home use. Two hours daily wear for up to two weeks ensures a sparkling smile.
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Fissure Sealants

A secure, tooth coloured plastic coating is meticulously applied to the fine grooves of the tooth surface. Each sealant provides youth and protection against decay with an invisible, gleaming resin. Your smile is safely assured.
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Smile recontouring instantly, comfortably and safely remodels minor irregularities in your teeth with tiny adjustments to enamel only. No anaesthetic is required. Perhaps you have a small chip in a tooth, an overly long tooth, slightly uneven teeth or a misshapen edge on a tooth that has never quite looked at home in your smile. When the discrepancy is mild, minimally invasive dentistry comes to the rescue. Using her artist’s eye and many years of experience and skill, Kathy delicately and precisely performs enamel reshaping in all dimensions to reveal a more perfect smile. Your stunning, shapely smile will fit and flatter you everywhere.
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At Gentle Dental, we delight in dental makeovers. Using tailor-made veneers, teeth can be lightened and straightened, restored and restyled. Veneers are fine layers of bespoke resin or exclusively designed porcelain fitted to the tooth surface with tooth coloured bonding resin. Your newly dressed smile will dazzle and delight.
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Working with some of the most skilled craftsmen and women in London, crooked, cracked and discoloured teeth can be transformed. Hand-made crowns are used to cap or cover poorly teeth. Even your most broken teeth can be saved with ingenious posts and clever cores underneath your crown of choice. At Gentle Dental, we help you think about which solutions are best for you. Made from porcelain and precious metals, crowns give long-term protection and aesthetic appeal to your most valued and loyal, heavily filled teeth. When you invest in Gentle Dental crowns, you are carefully and cleverly preserving and treasuring your exceptional smile.
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Bridges are beautiful, bespoke tooth-shaped crowns fitted to close gaps and replace missing teeth. Teeth can be born again. Gaps in your smile can be filled. With renewed confidence in your beautiful smile, the gaps in your diary may fill up quickly too.
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Gum Shields and Mouth Guards

Active people need to take action to protect their smiles during contact sports. Specifically prescribed and custom-made gum shields guard even the most hardworking mouths. Whatever the score, with a Gentle Dental mouth guard, you can protect your winning smile.

For those of us who engage in after hours tooth grinding or bruxism, a highly recommended Gentle Dental soft night guard or hard acrylic splint ensures protection for teeth and jaws. You can relax at night knowing your magnificent smile is enjoying a good night's rest too. Sweet dreams.
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Tooth Relief

When a tooth needs to come out, Gentle Dental is here for you. As gentle as the tooth fairy, we will deliver your tooth with comfort and expertise. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised at our finesse. As one gentleman said recently, referring to Kathy’s calling to dentistry, “she’s got the touch”. All are relieved and grateful to be looked after so lovingly. While you won’t miss the tooth in your mouth, you are welcome to take it home with you. Who knows? You may find a coin under your pillow.
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Root Canal Therapy

A tooth in trouble sometimes needs therapy – root canal therapy. Lie back on the couch and Gentle Dental will diagnose and address your endodontic problem with empathy and expertise. We treat your tooth like a celebrity. Rehab for your very important tooth incorporates highly effective anesthetic and a latex sheet to ensure that your mouth is clean and comfortable. Detox involves carefully rinsing, shaping, cleaning and filling your tooth, removing decay or disease. Once clean and sober, the tooth can be crowned for a triumphant comeback in your show-stopping smile.
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Specialist Referrals

At Gentle Dental, we have a network of on site specialists for nearly all areas of advanced and complex dentistry. Whether you need implants, dentures, orthodontics, specialist periodontal, endodontic, restorative or facial aesthetic care, each of our partners is highly trained and most importantly, tried and trusted. We personally check each and every specialist colleague that we refer to, ensuring that our clients receive the very best treatment in our relaxed, modern surroundings.

We continually monitor our specialists through personal experience and client feedback. We are confident that you will be offered the highest standard of care. It is important to note that we do not have a financial relationship with any of our specialists. Your dental health and wellbeing is our primary and only concern.

A unique service to Gentle Dental clients, Kathy is available as chaperone when your dental care plan incorporates a referral to a specialist.
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